Gilb's LOU combat calculator
Night protection atacker penalty: Moon gate atacker penalty:
Defender Morale Bonus: Atack Type:
Tower Slots: Lookout= Ranger= Guardian= Templar= Balista=
Walls lvl: Trap slots: Pitfall= Barricade= Arcane= Camo=
SurvivingA Atackers +% +% Defenders SurvivingD
-- City Guard
War Galleon
- Baron -
Atacker shrine Bonuses (enter faith bonus, max 50):
Honor: Valor: Justice: Sacrifice:
Defender shrine Bonuses (enter faith bonus, max 50):
Honor: Valor: Justice: Sacrifice:





Total TS:

Surviving TS:

Building damage:

Defensive Structure damage:

puries gained: each

Ofensive fame earned:

Fame advantage:






Total TS:

Surviving TS:



puries gained: each

Defensive fame earned:

Fame advantage:

Notes and how to use:

- Tower slots fields are for the total ammount of TS of the respecive unit the defending city can hold fo each type, and NOT tower levels or ammounts. Likewise, trap fields are for total TS of enemy units neutralized by each trap type.

- Decimal parts of surviving units represent a % chance of another unit surviving. Thus, if you atack with 100 zerks and get 88.64 survive, that means 88 survive and there is a 64% chance one more will live to fight another day (bringing the total to 89 surviviers)

- There may, however, be slight inprecisions due to number rounding. Some of my tests with real reports give near-exact numbers, and the only explanation i can find is my mechanics are correct but the game calculations use a certain decimal number precision that differs from mine.

- WIN & LOSE in combat results refer to game interpretation of winner/loser based on atack/defense sums. This is not a assurance you actualy got better off then your opponent. A often overlooked fact of LoU is that fame represents the total value of defeated units/destroyed buildings. True victory is to gain more fame then your opponent and this is what i recomend a user looks at first. Fame is also related to purified resource gains, puries are calculated as floor(fame/4000). In other words, divide by 1000 because it takes 1K res to give 1 puri, and by 4 because there are 4 types of purified, and round down.

- Building damage and structure purified gain given by the calculator are correct, but may differ from real game experience. This is because you may deal some damage that is insufficient to destroy a given building, and this damage is wasted. Given the buildings that are chosen to be destroyed are random and the available costs are dependant on the entire defending city building selection, it is impossible to simulate a exact result. Interprate building damage and structrue destruction purified gains as a "maximum possibility".

Disclaimers and known issues:

- Building damage is incorrect when there is a defending palace. Palaces take extra damage (else it would be impossible to destroy a lvl 10 palace wotj over 4 billion health), but how much was not explicitly revealed by EA.

- Engrish

- Soontobefixed: Trap neutralizing incorrectly if there are repeated troop types in a same atack force(ranger+zerk, for example).