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About Me

I am a Brazilian PhD student studying Pure Mathematics at IME USP, you can read about my previous and current academic works in the Work section. I am also a system admin of Rede GNU Linux, one of IME's computer networks, and a hobbyist programmer and game developer.

My academic focus is largely in the area of category theory, logic, and foundations. I work with topos-like objects, internal logic, that kind of thing. Besides that, I'm interested in computer science in general and the free software movement as a whole.

I like Japanese fusion, Jazz, Metal. Glass, Reich, Bach and Cartola. I'm always looking for recommendations. I am fond of Confucius, Nietzsche and philosophy and ancient history in general. I like cooking, specially pies and cakes; I like programming and I'm almost good at both those things. almost.

I love cats, and I archive internet “““culture””” because I am an E-Hoarder. Yes, I have a lot of pepes and it's always caturday here, baby. Find me were the anons come to play. I'm also a true degenerate and watch teh anime.