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Stuff I wrote

Notes on representation theory

My personal thoughts on representation theory (of groups and Lie algebras) — which is what I currently study — with an emphasis in the beautiful interplay between the algebraic and the geometric (PDF)

Global Analysis & the Banach Manifold of Class H1 Curves

Riemannian Geometry course project on the manifold H1 (I,M) of class H1 curves on a Riemannian manifold M and its applications to the geodesics problem. (PDF)

Forcing in Topos (Portuguese)

Set Theory course project (with Gabriel Bassan, Guilherme Sobreira and Guilherme Cerqueira) on Lawvere’s formulation of Cohen’s forcing method in the context of elementary topoi (PDF)

An essay on the 3-sphere and some its quotients

Short notes on the 3-dimensional sphere, its group structure and some of its quotients by finite subgroups of its center, such as the projective space P3 (PDF)

Past talks

Grupo Monstro (Portuguese)

Shokugeki Seminar, February 2021 (Slides)

Como fazer álgebra com análise? (on Pontryagin Duality) (Portuguese)

Shokugeki Seminar, March 2021 (Slides)

Quando alguma coisa é igual a alguma outra coisa? (Portuguese)

S4 Seminar, April 2021 (Slides)

Representações de Grupos Compactos: O que? Por que? Como? (Portuguese)

Study seminar RTAG, July 2021 (Slides)

Como Fazer Matemática com um Computador? (Portuguese)

S4 Seminar, August 2021 (Slides) (Video)

Mas afinal, quem são os inteiros p-ádicos? (Portuguese)

S4 Seminar, November 2021 (Slides) (Video)

Teoria de Lie ou: por que estudar álgebras de Lie? (Portuguese)

CFuD Seminar, April 2022